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Science Videos from Smarter Everyday

SCIENCE VIDEOS FROM SCIENCE EVERYDAY | I really enjoy seeking out new and engaging ways to interact and share the passion for everything science. I recently came across a talented man named Destin who is the creator of Smarter Everyday. He creates and shares science videos that explain the ‘sometimes hard-to-understand’ concepts that plague us everyday. You can view and subscribe to his YouTube Channel, or check out his social media presence on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

The first video I watched from Destin was called, Baffling Balloon Behavior, and it explained Newton’s Third Law and it would be a simple to reconstruct this in the classroom, even without using a car or it would be great to recreate this exploration at home with your kids!

After checking some of his videos and posts online, how could you incorporate this into your classroom to engage your students and their learning of everyday science? Be sure to share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #DE3Mteachers.

--Cheryl Lykowski is a 2nd grade teacher and adjunct professor in Southeast Michigan

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