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Earth Day in the Classroom

EARTH DAY IN THE CLASSROOM | Earth Day is fast approaching! Although we should all keep the earth in mind everyday, this year, Earth Day will be officially celebrated on April 22. Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate Earth Day into your classroom:

I use a lot of literature and mentor texts in every subject I teach, including math and science. Some of my favorite books to use to inspire the students to take an active roll in protecting the earth and conserving our resources are:

An active game that is my absolute favorite to play outside (or inside in the gym) is “Oh, Deer”. This is a fairly simple game that can be played without gathering any materials. The object of the game is for students to become familiar with habitats and how the animals can be affected by changes in the environment. There are several good links on the Web for this game:

One of my favorite activities that I have done is having students create an Earth Day class slideshow using VoiceThread. We discuss how we could possibly have a paperless school day and still do everything we need to do during the entire day. Students then use dry erase whiteboards or Boogie Boards to sketch what their solution is. We then take our boards to the computer lab and use a drawing program to create a digital version of their solution. We use KidPix but there are many other drawing programs – use one that you are comfortable with and like. The students then save their digital pictures and I upload them to VoiceThread. Then each student records audio to accompany each slide. VoiceThread is a great online tool that allows for others to comment, either by audio or text, on any (or all) of the slides.

What are some of the ways that you and your students celebrate Earth Day? Be sure to share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #DE3Mteachers.

--Cheryl Lykowski is a 2nd grade teacher and adjunct professor in Southeast Mcihigan

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