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Edward - The Final Event is on the Horizon!

Hello Everybody!

The final event at the 3M innovation center is only one week away! I cannot wait to be there! The Discovery Education and 3M Young Scientist Challenge was such an amazing experience. Thank you to Discovery Education, 3M, Dr. Kris Thunhorst, Dr. Greg Haugen, Julia Covelli, Megan DiPaolo, and April Goff.

This experience really encouraged me to delve into science to a deeper degree. For me, science has evolved from a hobby to a passion. The creative ways that scientists attempt to explain natural phenomena is so awe-inspiring.

I have learned so much from this competition. I have not only broadened my knowledge of science, but also I have learned many life skills. From the collaboration with my 3M mentor, I learned the power of discussion. From the innovation creating experience, I learned to persevere. Lastly, from the summer program, I learned that the ability to learn may be more important than the amount of knowledge one has.

I am very excited to meet the other finalists and 3M scientists at the final event in Minnesota. Thank you everyone again who has supported me throughout this journey. See you at the 3M innovation center!

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