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Anish- Working with the Best

Hello Fellow Scientists,


I'm about a month away from the time of my life, and this whole experience has been amazing.

I'm just about finishing my experiments and prototype and about to start with my presentation.

The best part of this whole experience has been working with an actual 3M scientist. My mentor, Dr. Belma, has helped me so much that I probably would have been no where without her.

The summer mentorship has not only helped me in this project, but I  have learned so much from it. From researching to experimenting, this mentorship has shown me what real scientists face and how they solve problems.

Access to a 3M scientist has helped me with solving problems, like finding a material or getting better results. Working with a 3M scientist has taught me a lot.

After working with a scientist, the life of a scientist is very busy. The life of a scientist is full of research as well as ups and downs. The past 2 months has definitely been time-consuming and energy-consuming.

Although the past 2 months have been pretty busy and energy-consuming, I have enjoyed the process, especially working with a 3M scientist.

I would like to thank my mentor, Dr. Belma, for everything she has done!!! I can't wait to meet her in person at the final event.


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