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Aishani- First Counting Months, Now Counting Days

Hey everyone!

I just can't believe it- there's only about a month left until the day we are all anticipating! Time is flying so fast and moving so slow at the same time. But before I know it, the big day will have arrived!

Doesn't it seen that time goes by so slowly when you are anxiously waiting for something?

Having a chance to collaborate and interact with a 3M scientist has really been the experience of a lifetime. An amazing opportunity like this doesn't come along often, does it? This summer has been my most memorable one, and I will always cherish the memories I have created. "When opportunity knocks on your door, answer it with a smile." Indeed.

My mentor has really helped me make difficult decisions throughout the process. Whenever I have a doubt, I would email him and he would respond promptly with a possible solution. I am really thankful for the support of my knowledgeable mentor who has guided me along the way!

I am almost through with building my final prototype. The Labor Day long weekend has given me a chance to catch up on building my final prototype. I have made a few videos of the process. :) Please check them out under the media section!

Hope to see everybody in October!




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