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Tim- Solving Problems Through (what else!) Research!

Hi everyone!

I have been working hard on the design for my project.  It is fun but challenging! I enjoy figuring out a way to solve the problems that I am having. I have also done some research about the problems that I have.

The hardest part for me about gathering research is getting the right information.  The research that I am doing is very specific, so it is hard to find.  It is hard to search the internet for the exact things that I am looking for.  Sometimes I don't find the information that I need.  One time when I was having trouble creating something with my robot, I posted a video on YouTube and asked for comments.  It turned out that the guy who developed the program watched my video and let me know exactly what I was doing wrong.  That was pretty cool!  YouTube is good because a lot of times someone does know how to solve or answer the problem, but I just have to find that person.

I think that I could not efficiently solve the problem without researching because I would not be able to answer the problems that I have just from my basic knowledge.  I would also spend time doing things multiple times or repeating something that someone has already figured out.

Sometimes I just get started without looking at any research.  I have ideas in my head that I write down.  When I come to a problem or question, then I use research.  I like to read Gizmag which has information about new innovations.  A lot of times, an article in there will give me an idea about something else.  I keep a notebook of sketches and ideas so that I can come back to them when I want to work on them.

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