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Reeny! Adventurous Inventor!

I'm on my way to 3M Headquarters!!!!!

Now that my invention is getting closer and closer to being invented, I'm starting to see that everything I've been doing has been part of a quest. But at the end of my quest, there's no treasure--like most heroic quests, my journey ends with doing my part to make the world a better place.
And also like most journeys, the biggest challenge is finding out where you have to go, and how to get there. For me, this involved a lot of tough decisions and research into unknown territory, but in the end I learned that having a clear view of your goal is very important to succeeding!

Gotta piece this together!

Along the way, I've learned important life-lessons too. I learned that sometimes, to get from question to answer, you have to get out there and ask some questions. At first, I thought contacting strangers was a little scary, but they were always so nice to me that I felt silly for being nervous! Once I made connections with people who could help me, they taught me how to explore things I'd never tried before and to always ask questions!!!

It's great to communicate!

While I was researching and testing, there were some times when something didn't work out or I didn't get good results. This always came on the back of another issue, like disorganization or bad communication--all kinds of things popping up to try to kill my mood! But the best thing to do is, first, to FIND and SOLVE THE PROBLEM, then to LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES! Even though it got annoying sometimes, I'm more more organized, more efficient, and more careful because I ran into these problems!
I'm not at the end of my quest yet, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to show for it. I started out with just an idea, and throughout my journey I've picked up new tools, new skills, and new friends, which will all help me reach my final goal. I'm still a little ways off, but the experiences I've had along the way are the most valuable treasure I could get!!!

Get it? Cuz now I have a map... :)


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