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This week, I collected information that may benefit the remainder of my project.

It would be nearly impossible to conduct any experiment without research to provide background information necessary to create a hypothesis, or educated prediction of the test results. It is often useful to know detailed information about your topic in order to avoid “discovering” facts that are already known.

The most difficult part of gathering information is predicting which information will benefit the project, and which information will not. The second most difficult component of research is organizing the information I have collected in a logical manner. Benefits of logical organization include more accurate conclusions, reduced clutter, and a lower likelihood of misplacing information.

Before beginning an experiment, it is important to have substantial background information in order to conduct an experiment as safely as possible.

Research allows scientists to develop innovations that solve problems more easily or completely than products that already exist, or to understand a problem and invent a new solution where none exists so far.

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