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Anish- Experimenting

Hello Fellow Scientists,

All this research for the past couple of weeks has really got me to think that I'm ready to move forward with my new innovation. This week I started to gather materials and creating a experimental procedure.

I'm not sure if my experiment will work, but it's all about trying first.

I think the best part of this whole process is learning more and more about the scientific process and the process through which a scientist finds innovation. Another cool thing through this process is having the opportunity to work with an actual 3M scientist.

The most challenging part of this process has probably been researching and finding new ways to do something. Researching was definitely the most strenuous part of this process because you had to find new ways to do something and you never quite know when you're done researching.

However strenuous and long, research is definitely the most important part of the scientific method. How can you solve a problem without knowing how to? Research is the basis of all innovation.

The most frustrating part is experimentation and not getting the desired results, yet this is also the most rewarding because you still have more work to do.

In the end, research is very important and the basis of all innovation. After all my research, I am on my way to do some experiments. This will be another important in my scientific process so WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!



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