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Tim- The Young Scientist Challenge Journey

Hi everyone! My Young Scientist Challenge journey has been awesome so far. I got to meet my mentor on the phone the other night and he is super cool. Here I have a little recap of what has happened from the beginning.

Last year I was a state merit winner for Maryland, and right after I heard that I was a state merit winner I wanted to try to be a finalist.  I started planning my new project the same day! I like designing things and coming up with new ideas so the competition seemed like a fun way to show my ideas to other people. Also, last year's finalists looked like they had a lot of fun, and I wanted to be a part of that.

When I filmed my video I got to use my 3M "Shoot and Share" camcorder that I won from being a state merit winner.  It was fun to write out a script and put it on big cue cards so I would remember what I wanted to say. The most challenging part was probably having to explain my innovation in the short 2 minutes.

I wasn't sure if I would be a finalist because a lot of very talented kids enter this contest. I knew that I would hear if I was a finalist in June, but I lost track of which day and got back to my normal schedule. When I got the phone call, I was so excited I couldn't remember anything she said after she told me that I was a finalist.

I will be super excited if I win. It will be cool for people all over the U.S. to hear about my project. My mom says that most of the money will have to go towards college :( , but I think it would be cool to buy a car, oh well. The Discovery Education trip also looks amazing and very fun.

All of my friends and family are really excited for me.  My brothers and sister really wanted to tell all of their friends and put it on Facebook. It was so hard to wait until the results were officially announced. Now my family and I will tell everyone that wants to hear about my project!

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