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Tim - Narrowing it Down to One

Hello everyone!

Over the past week I really had to focus on the three problems that I had chosen.  First I narrowed the problems down to the top two.  It wasn't very hard to do because, even though the third problem was important, it did not have as much impact as the other two.  I thought about the two problems, and I figured out that one of those would have more impact than the other.  When it came down to choosing a problem, I chose the one that I thought would have the most impact on my community.

My 3M mentor, Dr. Benton Free, has been super awesome and has helped me so much!  He has helped me focus on the more important aspects of my project so that I could look at the big picture.  He showed me some 3M technologies that would be perfect to use in my innovation. It has just been so cool to talk with him about all of my ideas.

I feel very confident in what I have accomplished so far.  I have gotten a lot of work done, but I still have lots more to do.  I realized that the final competition is only a little over 2 months away!  I am working on a schedule to help me stay on track.  I want to be sure I have everything done before I get to Minnesota.



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