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Reeny- A Recipe for Innovation

As I struggled through a mental tug-of-war between my final three ideas, Dr. Moran suggested some questions I should ask myself.  Not technical or engineering questions. Questions about the world around me. She told me to ask "why?"  I realized that it is IMPOSSIBLE to just take each issue at face-value. Each problem has its own set of causes, puzzling together into an issue that's more complex every time you look at it! It's like a cake--there are lots and lots of ingredients that go into the cake, but you REALLY have to know your stuff--observe, ask "why"--to become familiar with the whole recipe.

If I really want to solve a problem, I now know that I have to address all of its "ingredients." And the issue I chose is composed of equal parts cultural problem and cultural confusion. It's not just that the problem exists, it's that, somehow, people seem not to notice it!

This made up a gigantic part of my decision. I need to cook up an invention that will both solve the problem and raise awareness for the problem, so that it has an impact on those who use the invention and those who don't. Because I'm passionate about my solution, I have the power to share my passion with everyone my invention touches!!!

With all this on my plate, I'm still making lots of progress! My invention comes with a lot of summer reading--tasty technical tidbits and delicious design drawings--and I'm eating it up!

I'm really getting excited!!! I think people will be very impressed with my invention's practicality--and, of course, dazzled by its fashion-forwardness--but I won't get ahead of myself. Everything else is just icing on the cake!

Piece of cake!


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