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Edward - "On-young-ha-sae-yo!" Welcome to South Korea!

Hello Everybody!

It has already been one week since the challenge kicked off, and I am enjoying every part of it.

Right now I am in South Korea!

It has really opened my horizon. South Korea has advanced so much in the technology aspect, especially in the capitol, Seoul. Did you know that Samsung, LG, Pantech, Hyundai, and Kia belong to South Korea?

As I was observing the culture and the many different stores and buildings, I was able to formulate many different ideas in my head. I realized, because South Korea has such high population density, that there is so much electricity consumption. Also, because the land is relatively small and there is so much to build, stores such as supermarkets can be found underground!

Today, one of South Korea's electric lines was severed and the electricity went out. It is a rare occurrence; however, it was still problematic for banking industries for most transactions are done online. Could it be such problems like this which motivate 3M scientists to create innovations?

It has been such an amazing experience so far in South Korea, and I hope I can see more experiences to share later.


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