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Daniel - Getting Started

I completed this project because I have a passion for science and engineering that can be applied to problems that exist around the world, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. However, my teacher encouraged me to enter the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. I knew that participation in the Young Scientist Challenge would enhance my critical thinking skills and improve my scientific knowledge, so I decided to create my video.

Creating the video was not difficult; however, it was certainly time-consuming. When I started the video, I created a script and recorded the audio portion of the video before inserting pictures taken throughout the project and video of the Improved Indoor Biomass Cook Stove’s operation. The video was too long, so I had to cut a lot of information out of the video to fit the time limit of two minutes.

During the wait, I knew that I had tried my best and would be satisfied with the results.

If I win the competition, and do not get a slot at the United States Air Force Academy, I plan on using the money to help pay for my higher education at a school with an excellent engineering program.

My parents are very excited for me because the Young Scientist Challenge is a grand opportunity that they never had. I am thankful that I have this opportunity.

On Friday July 12, I met my 3M Scientist mentor. I discovered that he is basically a copy of me 20 years from now, with minor differences, of course. He is very excited to be a mentor and seems to enjoy his job. I can’t wait to work with him!

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