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Brooke - Reason, Observation, & Experience

Hello again, science enthusiasts!

I’ve been really busy observing and researching over the past week.  It’s always such an eye-opener to think about problems that we all face in our everyday lives and brainstorm possible solutions.  It was difficult to narrow down my list!  There are so many different opportunities for new innovation in every observation.  However, I was finally able to select my top three ideas.

I think that 3M scientists have a super cool job!  They get to identify problems and come up with solutions to help make the world a better place. I also believe that it takes a special person to be a problem-solving scientist – it takes someone who is sincerely passionate about making life better for everyone. Perhaps a scientist’s motivation comes from a problem in their own background or experience, but I think more likely members of the 3M team were just born that way – aware, curious, optimistic, compassionate, and motivated to help!  I think a scientist always wants to create, build, and develop new ideas because that’s what keeps our world ever-changing.  Without fantastic scientists, problems that we all face daily would never be solved.

I’m super excited to start developing my final idea, and I’m super grateful for Dr. Del’s amazing guidance and experience!

“Reason, observation, and experience; the holy trinity of science.”

--Robert Green Ingersoll

Brooke Martin

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