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Anish - What Am I Going To Fix?

Hello Fellow Scientists,

It’s good to be back and working on my project! My New York vacation gave me a lot of inspiration on ideas for this summer's project, so I couldn't wait to start!

As I begin Week 2 of this exciting experience, I started observing for problems, not only worldwide but also my community, that would make a big impact.  I observed different challenges that affect me, my community, and the world. I used my experiences from my travels to India, Europe, and other countries to help me understand some worldwide problems.

First, I wrote all these observations down in my Young Scientist Challenge notebook. I crossed any concepts that were impossible to achieve in the following months. After researching for possible solutions and the feasibility of those solutions, I crossed out a few more concepts. Crossing out concepts was a difficult thing to do because I felt like I was doing something wrong by closing a door.

Right now, I'm left with 3 concepts. I know I need to cross out even more, but I'll have to do more research to get an understanding of each and every topic.

After starting my project for the summer, I started wondering what was 3M scientists' inspiration behind each and every ingenious invention. I believe that they are inspired to make a difference in the world, and I'm sure that seeing your product help people in their lives is an amazing sense of joy.

Passion + Ingenuity = 3M Innovators

I would love to be one of them one day!



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