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Aishani- Decisions, Decisons

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”
― Albert Einstein

And that is EXACTLY how I felt this week while digging deep into science websites in search of information on my 3 topics. A true challenge was selecting one idea and solution to move forward with- first I had to choose three problems from my list of eight, and then I had to eliminate all but one? It was one probably one of the biggest dilemmas I've faced so far in this mentorship journey. I was attached to all three of my favorite ideas, and it was very difficult to choose just one- I wanted to work with all three!

The most important factors that influenced my decision were:

- did the problem have a new, innovative solution?

-  did the problem affect a lot of people?
-  did the solution use a 3M technology?
...and many more.

To help me decide on one final problem and solution, I made a chart, following the advice of my mentor, Dr. Wolk. I ranked each of my final problems on a chart with questions on it (such as how useful the product will be,  how cost effective the product is, etc.). Then I added up the rankings, which helped me decide which problem was the best overall. Having access to a real 3M scientist has really had a positive impact on my project- and it has been an awesome experience too! He is very encouraging and gives great advice.

I'm SUPER excited to get started on researching on my final project!

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