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Gabriel - Reflection and Anticipation

I can't believe it's only one week until Minneapolis!  Some days it felt like the final event was very far away and other days I was rushing to complete an experiment and feeling like there was no time at all.  But now the time is here.

I can't wait to finally meet my mentor, Dr. Martin Wolk.  Talking to him on the phone has been great but being able to meet in person will make it all real.  I'm also excited to meet the other finalists.  Reading their blogs has been really cool because I saw them having similar success and challenges.  I felt like we were doing something together, even if we were all across the country.  For my last blog I'm going to give you a preview of my final presentation and some special thank yous...

Thank you to all my blog readers too.  Any advice for the big trip?

Click here for my final video blog: Gabriel -Previews and Thanks

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