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Chase - We've Won Already

Well, I finally shipped the Refugee Travois off to 3M!

I thought I would never be done engineering, redesigning, testing, retesting and starting the circle again. Well, I wouldn’t be done, actually, but I ran out of time. The Refugee Travois is a really good prototype, but one thing I learned through the engineering process is that there is always something more you can do.

I am rehearsing my PowerPoint and presenting it to my science teachers (physics, biology, and ecology), but I still have a lot of rehearsing to do. It was very hard to pack my entire project into such a small time limit.

I’m a little nervous about the competition, but I’m sure I’ll have great time. It was fun meeting Carolyn Jons at Broadcom MASTERS and I’m sure it will be great to meet the other 3M/Discovery finalists this weekend!

I’ve seen some really cool ideas from the 3M/Discovery finalists, and it’s even cooler that they got them off the ground. It’ll be an awesome competition.

The live challenges look like they’ll be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to them.

I’ve had fun working with my 3M mentor, Dr. Hager. I would like to thank him for his support and advice. Dr. Hager has been there when I was stressed out and needed someone to talk to. He was always ready to help with anything.

I’d also like to thank Helena Basche for organizing this great competition and making this opportunity possible for all of us. Thanks, also, to Katie Bradigan for her support when I met with the governor to discuss the travois and the state of STEM education in North Carolina.

I also want to thank Marathon Industries for donating the wheels for the travois and keeping my project rolling along (pun intended). Thanks also goes to Custom Steel, which fabricated the joints.

And, last but not least, I want to thank my parents and the rest of my family for their support over the huge span of this project. I also will say thanks to my sister who has sat through this whole thing and probably knows as much about it as I do. Just kidding -- though she does know a lot about it!

Whoever wins, we’ll have a great time and become great friends. Making it here is incredible and just getting here means you’ve won already. Have a great time. Good luck.

See you this weekend!

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