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Gabriel - Experimentation and Ideas

Over the past few weeks I have been going wild with ideas. One of the best parts of inventing is having the ability to think what you want and have no one tell you you can’t do it.

This freedom is brief though, because immediately after this wondrous stage you must think out the logistics. These logistics are one of the most important parts of any invention. These are the meat on the bone of the invention.

This process is so chock full of changes that you forget half of your intermediate ideas, but your final result you remember. With the final result you make something to show for your invention with experimentation.

Experimenting with your ideas in a very calm and methodical way is nearly impossible. I tried this and found that I couldn’t even approach it lightly. So in lieu of that, I just experimented with materials and process that I thought would be beneficial such as ballistics gel which I made at home for testing my invention.

This is very thought intensive work, but it tests your mind and that, I find rewarding.

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