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Deepika – YSC Week 8: The Best, The Worst and Everything In Between

Hello Scientist Enthusiasts!

Being a finalist in Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge has given me amazing opportunities. I have been given the chance to work with incredible people over the summer and communicate my ideas to 3M scientists. I have also been interviewed by newspapers. Two weeks ago, I was given another opportunity - An opportunity of a life time.

On Thursday August 16th, I received a call from the Obama campaign in New Hampshire. They had read an article about my accomplishments in the Young Scientist Challenge and said that the President would like to meet me during his campaign trip to New Hampshire. They called us at 11:38 PM on Friday, informing that we would be meeting President Obama the next day.

Early Saturday morning, my family and I drove to Windham High School, where the president would be giving a speech. Near the school, we were stopped by secret service agents in bullet proof vests who asked us several questions. When we were close to the high school, we saw Marine One flying above our heads and then landing on a football field. My family and twenty others were all guided by Secret Service Agents and put through several security checks. About 40 minutes later, an agent led us past several rooms until we stopped in a hallway and were asked to wait. We waited for some time unsure of what to except. We heard the National Anthem being sung and the introductory announcements.

Suddenly the camera crew rushed in and started setting up their tripods and lighting. Thirty seconds later, the President of the United States of America walked up to me and said “Hi! You must be Deepika!” I replied “Hello Mr. President! It is such an honor to meet you!” The President shook hands with my family and we continued our conversation. He said that he had been reading an article about me on the way to NH, and found my science project really interesting. The President asked me questions about my project and what I was working on over the summer. I replied that I was working with a mentor from 3M and that I would finally present my innovation to a distinguished group of scientists and judges in October at 3M Headquarters. The President said that he was really excited to see young kids like myself interested in pursuing a career in science and wished me good luck.

I am once again grateful to Discovery Education and 3M for giving me this amazing opportunity. It was truly an honor meeting President Obama and it was an experience I will never forget!

And here is my second video blog. Hope you enjoy!

Video Blog 2- Challenges and Rewards



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