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Carolyn - Experiments in Progress

Experiments in Progress

During the past several weeks I have really began diving into my project.  I have been doing all sorts fun of hands on work such as building prototypes, and developing and testing specific aspects of my innovation.So far, my favorite part of research has been working with my hands.  I enjoyed developing my ideas on paper, but the experience is so much more enthralling when the results of your labor are tangible.  When my family comes home at night and asks how my project is going, I love being able to show them a new experiment I set up, or a new and improved prototype.  My mother on the other hand is not nearly so exuberant about this new stage of my project.  She would rather that her kitchen not become my personal laboratory.

Experiments have included many successes and failures.  Whenever I had something not work well, I’ve had to determine why, and then solve the problem.  It is very challenging to solve a problem when there are many different aspects might be the cause of failure.  In these cases, I try to break down the problem, step by step.  This is time consuming, but also very rewarding in the end.

It is very frustrating when you have worked really hard to develop an idea and then it just does not work.  I have experienced this while working on one particular aspect of my innovation.  I had done lots of research, purchased materials, and preformed the experiment only to find out I was unsuccessful.  I think the most important part of the inventive process is determining what went wrong and then fixing it.  An idea for an innovation is a great start, but a functioning innovation is awesome – and perhaps a ways away.

Currently I am still in the process of making my innovation completely functional.
I have been testing individual parts of my innovation, but very soon I will test my innovation as a whole.  I’m afraid that it might not work at this late date – but then I’m also excited that it might!

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