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Brandon - Fifth Post

Why does time have to pass so fast when you’re having fun? I can’t believe the final event is just a mere one month and a half away.

The last couple of weeks have been enjoyable. The Olympics have ended long ago, so currently I’m working on my PowerPoint slides, along with the final prototype. I’m very pleased with both.

As you can see in my video below, I opened a couple of Bluetooth headphones. The contents of them were pure gold- the perfect batteries and circuitry. I found many other essential components, too.

I’ve really loved working on my project, conferring with my mentor and basically the entire experience of the Young Scientist Challenge. The best part, so far, has been experimenting. I love working with new materials, and try my best to incorporate each one into my project. I can hardly wait to test my device once it’s complete.

The most challenging and the most frustrating obstacle? Time. I feel like I could go much farther with my project with more time.  This summer was one of my busiest yet, and that’s saying a lot. It’ll be even harder to manage my time with school starting on the fourth. For anybody, from athletes to inventors, doctors to lawyers, time is significant. The difference of a few milliseconds can be the difference between winning and losing; days could change whether or not you own a patent. Time is critical anywhere and everywhere.

The most rewarding part of the process will come at the end. I’m delighted with my project, and I feel like celebrating all the time. But as always, the satisfaction must wait until the completion, when you exhibit your project, reap the rewards and start anew with a fresh idea.

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