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The actual process of creating this project has been mapped out and patterned. I've changed some details from my beginning idea, but right now, it's starting to look as though I've got a full plan. If I can just get the items that are less common, I'll be well on my way to creating my prototype!

Meanwhile, the things surrounding this project have started picking up in pace. While I've been spending as much time as I can on this project, slowly I feel my days being devoured by school, homework, marching band, etc. Truly, as this is my first year in high school, I felt nervous for the first time for a school year. However, high school has lived up to everything I imagined it to be and beyond.

Now, truly, in creating this project, the materials I need to use are my biggest issue. What can I create that will work as a demonstrative device, what is aesthetic, and what displays the affects of my product the best? I have to incorporate all of these ideas into one to get the maximum affect for my model.

These past few weeks have been really fun. Just brainstorming for my project was fun- now, getting into producing a final creation, you can imagine my exhilaration! This has been great- I would like to thank everyone who made this possible again, because this entire journey has been surreal, to say the least. Thanks again!

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