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Carolyn - And More Background Research...

Over the past weeks I have been doing allot of research, but it’s all still on the computer.

Part of this research was directed to what others have done to solve a similar problem. I’m really looking forward to creating good head-to-head comparisons!

Another major focus of this research was determining what commercial products could advantage my innovation.  This involved reading a lot of patents, product sheets, and articles.  For me, reading patents has been one of the harder parts of research.  In the past, I have not had much experience with reading these, so I have been experiencing a new type of writing.  Also, I have been learning about various different testing methods that I might consider using later to test my innovation.

While researching, I have tried my very best to stay organized.  I have found it is helpful for me, in the morning, to write down the topics I plan to cover that day.  This way I stay on track and ensure I am making progress.  I believe everyone has their own method of organization and without it I think it would be difficult for a scientist to function.

Now that almost all of this preliminary research is complete, I can begin to start working on creating my innovation.  Although this computer research can be fascinating and educational, I cannot wait to start using my hands!  My 3M package just arrived!

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