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Patrick - Week 3

This week I took two steps forward and one step backward!  I researched deeper into the world of OTC drugs and identified two additional problems.  For that reason, I took a step backward and re-explored the world of 3M, brainstorming products that could solve these issues.

I’m also revising my initial thoughts on what motivates the scientists at 3M– success!  I first thought that 3M scientists are internally motivated and that was enough, based on my experience with sports.  However, after my best-ever 9 holes of golf, followed by my worst-ever 9 holes in a tournament yesterday, I have to believe that along with a passion for science, success is what keeps the scientists motivated.

Having a personal mentor to keep me challenged and motivated with my science this summer, I have also been thinking about how great it would be if every student had access to a personal mentor throughout the school year.  For example, a literature mentor who could provide insights into the required book we are reading and a math mentor who could explain in detail the reason behind a specific algorithm.

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