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Naren - Opening Blog Post!

"Wow, I cant believe this! This is incredible! Oh wow, thank you so much!"  were the words I faintly remember saying, as I found out I was a finalist. That particular Thursday, before that moment, was a rather lifeless and ordinary day. I was in my room until the phone rang and my mother called me down saying the call was from "Young Scientist Challenge".  Since then, my friends and family couldn't have been happier for me.

Everyone congratulated me and said I did great on my video. Although I admit, I procrastinated a little bit when producing the video. I started writing the script for the video on the weekend after spring break, moving fast in order to make the deadline. It was hectic, but enjoyable. Shooting the film was probably the most fun, but editing wasn't. Once I submitted it, I felt a sense of satisfaction that I was able to submit it in time. I knew now that it was all up to the judges.

The thing that really pushed me to enter, despite being a sibling to another finalist, was my perseverance and desire to succeed. I did F.L.L., joined a science bowl team, and started an Explora-Vision team all that year. In F.L.L., we were able to make it to the State but not to the Nationals; in Science Bowl, we were extremely disappointed in the outcome of the results; and in Explora-vision, we didn't make it to the regional. I felt disappointed, but these failures made me more eager to participate in more competitions. And when I found out I was a finalist in the Young Scientist Challenge, I happily knew that my perseverance and dedication had paid off.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."

-Henry Ford

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