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Gabriel - Invention Starts With Curiosity

Invention Starts With Curiosity
I’ve always wondered why everything worked, how it worked, and how we could augment this reality.  Even when I was 4 and 5, my favorite story was “How was the universe created?” I believe the most important question of all  is “Why?”

I entered this contest because I was intrigued by the dynamic of observation and innovation. A simple idea can make a big impact.  I wanted to express the importance of butting in and asking why.

Making the video, I learned it takes complex thought to make a simple innovation. My invention was a ferrofluid implant to keep the throat from closing in patients with sleep apnea.  I started the process of my invention by taking a break!  The first thing I did was experiment with non-Newtonian fluids, something I had an interest in.  Next, I found inspiration around me by observing that my father found his sleep apnea mask very uncomfortable.  Putting my interest and his need together I made my innovation and applied for the Young Scientist Challenge.

After I entered my video, I had to wait.  “When will the results come?”  The phrase was a common pestilence of words inquired constantly. Eventually waiting died down to a slow rhythm of infrequent “Did you hear anything yet?” to my mom.

When I got the call announcing I was a finalist in the Young Scientist Challenge I literally jumped out of my seat.   This is a colossal honor and I was ecstatic. The feeling rippled through my family. Then when the press release publicly announcing the finalists came out, I felt so good because I could finally share my message with my friends and teachers.

Thank you to 3M, Discovery Education and my mentor Dr. Martin Wolk for letting me ask “why” with you this summer!

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