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Carolyn - Picking the Problem and Solution of Choice

Background Research

Recently I have had the task of taking my top 8 ideas and narrowing them down to three ideas.  Then I came up with multiple plausible solutions for each of these problems.  As I worked through this process I kept several things in mind.  I considered whether I had the scientific expertise, the time, and/or the resources needed to complete each innovation over the summer.On a couple fun ideas, I realized that I didn’t have enough experience in specific areas (maybe next year), so they didn’t make my top three.  In selecting my best project, another factor was whether the innovation could become a product with impact and how it could use 3M technology.

Between talking with me about my ideas, providing new insights to my potential invention, and gathering 3M materials for me, my mentor Dr. Appeaning, has been an amazing help.  Her cheerful and encouraging attitude (combined with valuable scientific knowledge) makes interactions fun.  During our last meeting, I received many valuable ideas about ways I could improve my innovation and methods by which I could test my innovation.  I am thankful to be paired with a scientist who has so much valuable insight pertaining to my project.

I am proud of what I have accomplished up to this point.  Because of the scientific notebook, I was encouraged to do a better job of brainstorming possible ideas – and this was a fun exercise.  Now that I do know what project I will be working on, I cannot wait to get started!  In fact, I already have!

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