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Brandon - Third Post

To say that Week Three has gone by as fast as light would be an understatement. The first conversation with my mentor is still fresh in my mind.

So far, I've been enjoying the summer. The London Olympics started yesterday, so I've watched a little of that. My primary focus has been on my project, naturally.

Picking a problem was difficult, because there are so many! My brain overflowed with ideas. The idea of creating a better solution to relieving pain, however, had enticed me more than any other problem had. And trust me; I had a lot of interesting ideas. But the relieving pain idea snagged me more than anything else, partially because it had a little personal story involved.

I get migraine headaches, usually 4-6 times a month. I took numerous medications, like I said in my video, to no avail. Acupuncture was the best type of treatment that worked against my headaches. But acupuncture involves needles, and due to that, I was originally intimidated by it. Acupuncture is not convenient, either. I wanted to create an alternate way to solve headaches and other types of pain, but using the same principles as acupuncture, only enhanced. Of course, I've been working on this idea months before I first heard of the Yound Scientist Challenge. So, logically, that particular idea popped up in my head immediately, and it stayed. That was definitely the biggest factor in my final decision.

Access to my 3M Scientist, Dr. Hardy, has been enormously helpful. He provides anything I need for my project, from simple suggestions to samples of 3M products and technology. Under his guidance, I think I've gone farther than I could imagine with my project. Given more time, I think that my project can blossom into an invention that can help millions.

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