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YSC Blog Post 4 -- [Cheyenne]

Ah, research.  It is the basis for all science, yet it is also the most annoying.  However, over the years, I have learned to conduct research in an effective way.  I go to Google and search a few generic keywords.  Then I read a couple of sites and note the keywords that all the sites put an emphasis on.  I search those new, narrower keywords on Google and read as much as I can.

I have a habit of questioning anything that my sources don’t explain thoroughly.  Since I learned some physics and chemistry in 8th grade, I can actually derive the formulas myself, and see exactly why something is, rather than taking what my sources tells me for granted.  This way, I have a more thorough understanding of my topic.

I also noticed that deriving formulas takes up a lot of space.  I must have used at least five pages on one particular thorn in my side.

But nothing is purely about formulas.  Especially in projects like YSC, you must also consider the practical applications.  Is it possible to do this?  What other factors do you have to consider in real life?  These are just some of the questions that innovators have to think about.

On a more negative note (no one ever says that), I have had more failures.  Just when you think you’ve solved a problem, another one pops out to laugh in your face.  I tried to find a natural testing site, which didn’t work, so I decided to make a testing site at home myself.  Now, this should have worked, but I ran into some construction issues.  So the only solution is to go to a professional.  I really would have liked to do it myself, but you have to be flexible.

All these problems have caused me to push my schedule back three weeks.  This just shows that when inventing something that involves building a prototype, you must leave yourself a lot of wiggle room.  I’m starting to worry about completing my project in time for October’s event.

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