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Week 5- Shawn Farmand

After starting some of my experiments I realized that I needed more accurate results, so I asked my school district (Methacton) if I can borrow their microscope and precision scale. Hopefully I will get them this week. I am very happy they will be providing me with these instruments. While I have already done some experiments, I will be restarting them so I can have much more accurate results. I have also ordered a pH meter, accurate up to 0.01pH, as opposed to pH strips, accurate up to 2.5pH. Dr. Oxman has also sent me some more materials that I can use while I continue to build my prototype. 

Last week, after I finished doing some preliminary testing, I realized that the results agree with what I hypothesized. I guess all that researching does pay off! Now let’s hope that the results stay that way while I do the experiments again with more accurate instruments!

The most challenging part of the entire process is probably just picking one idea. I know it doesn't sound that hard, but when you actually think about picking just one idea out of 3 brilliant ones, it’s a lot harder than you think. 

I definitely couldn't have done a lot of what I have done so far without the help of my mentor, Dr. Oxman. He has sent me many resources and given me many tips to help me out.

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