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Week 3- Braeden Benedict

It’s good to be back and once again working on my project. Summer seems to be flying by! Less than two months are left until the main event in October. I can’t wait!

For me, narrowing down to one problem was not hard because I was unsure of which of my three options to pick. It was hard because I had this feeling like there was something else out there just waiting to be invented. I felt that I was shutting a door, in a sense, to an even better idea. However, like I mentioned before, summer is flying by. I decided the smartest thing to do would be to move forward with the best option. I chose this by looking at which problem/solution was most do-able, was most new, was most testable, and was most creative. (I’ll save that other invention behind the door for another time!)

My mentor, Dr. Wolk, has been extremely helpful. He recommended a 3M product that I have decided to incorporate into my final design. He also has much experience in the process of innovation, and has given me useful advice about how to organize my thoughts.

I really do feel like I have accomplished a great deal up to this point. Even the ideas I decided not to pursue this time were good ideas. I feel like I have a plan for how to test my solution and that I am ready to move forward into the next stage of the scientific process, research.

I could not wrap up this post without mentioning the awesome experience I had the other day. I had a live TV interview on NBC Los Angeles with the other finalist from California, Albert. It was really cool. Here’s a link to the interview:

I want to give a big thanks to Discovery Education and 3M for giving all the finalists great opportunities like this!

>>Braeden Benedict

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