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Once I narrowed down my ideas to three, it was fairly simple to choose one topic to pursue. This is because one of my ideas was extremely complicated to implement (though very interesting) and another had an alternative solution that was already invented (Someone else who thought just like me :P ).

After choosing my topic, I performed additional research and found out that my solution could serve several different purposes. This additional information helped add the “awe” factor to my idea and made me certain that I had chosen the right one.

Being able to talk to an actual scientist has helped me very much. Hearing a real scientist say that it takes 2000 good ideas to come up with one great idea gave me the confidence to proceed and not be frustrated with the time it was taking to pick a topic to work on.   Without my mentor, I wouldn’t have known what kind of research to do, or how to see if any solutions to that problem already exist.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot this week by choosing my idea. I have finally finished what I believe to be the most difficult part of a project, which is coming up with a topic. Also, with this, I am back on schedule. Isn't that great????  Now, I can start thinking of how to bring life into my idea and make it a reality.  Isn’t inventing fun?

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