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Divya - Blog 2

Coming up with ideas wasn’t too difficult because there are many problems to solve in today’s society. The hard thing about this was doing the research to find out whether a solution for the problem already exists. This was the case with some of my ideas, so I had to come up with new ones.

I was excited to know that Dr. Del Langer-Anderson, an Advanced New Product Development Specialist, was going to be my mentor.  I thought it was really cool to have a scientist for a mentor.

In the introductory meeting with my mentor, I was very pleased with the way Dr.Del spoke with me.  She seemed very approachable and made me feel at ease in no time.

I think that 3M scientists are motivated to solve problems because of the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a difference in the world.  It’s because of the creativity of these scientists that we have so many 3M products that make our lives easier.

I had a follow-up discussion with Dr.Del a few days ago.  She helped me narrow down my ideas by asking me to choose the ones that I would enjoy working on, which is how I was able to pick three ideas.

Dr.Del explained to me how to find out if other patents for the ideas existed and how to gather additional statistics.  I knew all along that the internet was a powerful resource, but didn’t know that there was more to the internet than I was aware of.

Dr.Del asked me to spend a week doing in-depth research on each of my favorite ideas, so that I could find the one that I want to pursue.

Now, I am faced with the challenge of picking one of my ideas to expand on. Let’s see how that goes!

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