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YSC Blog Post 1 - Cheyenne

Hello, all!  This is my blog, in which I will be documenting my summer innovation project.  This is a very unique process for me, as I have never systematically "innovated" anything.

Since it's had a little while to sink in already, I don't get a rush of excitement every time someone mentions 3M or Discovery Education.  However, it's still overwhelming that I am one of the ten finalists from the nation.  When I received the phone call notifying me that I was a finalist, I spent several days half-expecting another call to come, saying that there was an error.  But now I'm extremely eager to get started on the project.

I found out about the Young Scientist Challenge while searching for various contests.  YSC looked like the most fun, and appropriate at that time.  I was working on a project for my school's science fair, and it fit perfectly with the requirements of YSC.  Plus, it involved a video, which was challenging.

I'm very excited for the summer because I will be working with a 3M scientist, who is a woman and a PhD.  It will be a great experience, being supported by a real-life scientist.

I have already started researching my project.  It requires me to incorporate at least one 3M product or technology.  I found a complete catalog of every 3M product ever marketed.  However, I discovered that my definition of "complete" does not completely match (pun intended) with others'.  Most of the descriptions don't describe that product enough.

I'm a bit frustrated right now, but that's part of the process.  If there's a problem, there's away to get around it, and I'm determined to find those ways.

I'm looking forward to working on the project and the Event in October.  It'll be such a challenge!

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