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Young Scientist Challenge Week 1

Hello from hot Southern California! The past month or so I spent my time worrying about what I would do this summer when the people at the YSC informed me that I would be participating in this summer's mentorship/innovation program which would finally give me something to do. It was a thrilling moment and a nice way to end my middle school adventure.

I first heard about the Young Scientist Challenge from my seventh grade teacher and Science Olympiad coach, Mrs. Driscoll, who had also informed one of my close friends about the Challenge also. Yet that year, I didn't think that my science fair project would be decent enough to participate in a national competition. With inspiration, I decided to make a video and spent countless hours trying different innovations and illustrating their possible impacts.

One of my ideas like the blind spot sensors on cars was already invented and another, which involved a diet pill that would reduce the sensitivity of the taste buds, was announced two days later on national television. So I was frustrated and a few days before the competition deadline I wrote a script within an hour and taped/edited within two hours.

My idea of helping paralyzed patients was dedicated to my grand-uncle, who had suffered a stroke the week before, and my cousin, who recently died from brain cancer a month ago. I hope to create an innovation this summer that can save countless lives and I thank my family and friends for supporting me!

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