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Week 1 - Austin Curtis

 My mom and dad inspired me to enter the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. I wasn't sure if I should enter, but they encouraged me to enter. Last fall, I asked my dad to make me a laboratory in our basement garage. I have a computer and a lab desk to build new things. We used the lab as the background in my video.

I was worried that I would sound weird, or look funny, but the final video turned out better than I expected. My dad and I made a script and wrote parts of it on a dry erase board so we could film bits at a time. Then, we put it together on our computer. We had to cut out a lot, because two minutes is not a lot of time to explain something.

I liked how the video turned out, but was a little worried that I wouldn't be a finalist. It took a long time to find out if I was a finalist. I was so excited when I got the call. I called my family members to tell them the good news. I was also excited when the package arrived with a new 3M Shoot and Share video camera. It is really neat and my friends like it. I will use it to document my project this summer. My dad took a picture of me in my lab with it.

My family and friends are extremely happy and excited for my success at becoming a finalist. They are already giving me good advice on my project.

Austin in his garage lab.

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