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Nolan Lenard - July 7th

Hello! This is Nolan Lenard. Welcome to my blog. This is my first one!

This summer, I've been helping out a lot at my school's summer camp in the computer lab. It's quite an experience to learn how the young child's mind works. There's a kid in the class that complains about the mouse being reversed, and when you look his mouse is upside-down! He just keeps doing it!

Every now and then I forget that I am a finalist in the Young Scientist Challenge. When I remember again I feel like I have won all over again. I am so grateful to be in this competition. I was concerned that my video seemed more like an idea for an app than a product.  I have a feeling that the final competition will be even more challenging.

When I received the camera, I started taking funny videos with it. By the way, thanks for the camera! The projector is really cool!
I noticed it has a place to screw on a tripod, but it's only in a good place when you can mount the projector, so my father and I cobbled together a bracket so it can be held right. If you need to be able to film yourself, you might find it helpful.

Here are some pictures of it:

It uses an L-bracket, a nut, and a screw. Our screw was a little long, so we used an old caster as a spacer. We used foam tape to keep the camera from getting scratched up.

I just met my mentor Dr. Hager. He was very interested in my idea, as he has worked in the division that produces reflective signs, and currently works in the automotive group. We talked about some other ideas that I had about developing my project.

Well, talk to you later!


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