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Choosing a single idea

After observing various problems in the environment and then dreaming up solutions to them I was having a very difficult time narrowing my focus down to just one of the solutions I had thought of. I first thought of which category of science that I was interested in and then I was able to narrow my choices down to 3 problems. I then thought of which one would be the most feasible to do and which solution I could incorporate a 3M product in. Then I discussed with my mentor about one of my solutions and I came up with a single solution that I wanted to concentrate all of my attention on. I think the biggest factor in my decision was which solution I would have the most fun working on.

My mentor is the coolest person ever! She comes up with a new solution every 6 months and they help people all around the world. She was been an enormous help to me and I cannot wait to meet with her in person at the final event this October. She helped me narrow down my solutions and talked about my solution that I chose so I am thrilled to work with her this summer.

I feel really awesome about what I have accomplished so far this summer. I am already thinking more like a scientist and I am working on real life problems and working on solutions to them. I am so excited to be a finalist in this competition.

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